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Fine Art Wat Sapum Thammaran Phuket Thailand
sunset Wat Sapum Thammaram PhuketBuddha staue sitting Wat Sapum Thammaram Impression7 small buddha statues 16x9small buddha statue looking to the seasmall Buddha shrine blue skyWat Sapum Thammaram  sunset impressionsteps to Wat Sapum Thammaram  impressionWat Sapum Thammaram Phuket Thailandsmall Buddha Wat Sapum Thammaran sunset Phuket impressionflowers Buddha blue sky Wat Sapum ThammaramBuddha sitting front Wat Sapum Thammaram Phuketsmall garden area behind Wat Sapum Thammaran impressionGarden View morning sun  Wat Sapum Thammaram impressionPink flower arch Garden Wat Sapum Thammaram Phuket Thailandpink bougainvillea flowers and red bambooGarden steps to Wat Sapum Thammaram PhuketBuddha looking out to sea  Wat Sapum Thammaram impressionsitting Buddha facing sea Wat Sapum Thammaram  dark skystairs walking thru garden to templefront Temple colorful

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