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Preah Vihear Temple (Khmer [1]: ប្រាសាទព្រះវិហារ) is a Hindu [2] temple built during the reign of Khmer Empire [3], that is situated atop a 525-metre (1,722 ft) cliff in the Dângrêk Mountains [4], in the Preah Vihear [5] province, Cambodia. The temple is located on a hill, oriented along a north-south axis and facing the plains to the north in what is now Thailand. The temple complex runs 800 m (2,600 ft) along a north-south axis facing the plains to the north, from which it is now cut off by the international border. It consists essentially of a causeway and steps rising up the hill towards the sanctuary, which sits on the clifftop at the southern end of the complex (120 m/390 ft above the northern end of the complex, 525 m/1,722 ft above the Cambodian plain and 625 m/2,051 ft above sea level). Although this structure is very different from the temple mountains found at Angkor [43], it serves the same purpose as a stylised representation of Mount Meru [44], the home of the gods.
entrance to Preah Vihear site leaving Thailand into CambodiaPreah Vihear TemplePreah Vihear Temple (Khmer ប្រាសាទព្រះវិហារ) is a Hindu templesteps leading up tp Preah Vihear World heritage sitecontruction began in the 9th century Preah VihearHead of a Python Preah Vihear sitehead of snake entrance Preah VihearPrasat Preah Vihear has the most spectacular setting of all the templesWorld Heritage Site Preah Vihear Cambodia 15 steps leading up to site looking down HDRPreah Vihear Temple steps B/Wsteps to Preah VihearPreah Vihear Templeworld heritage site Preah vihearpreah vihear cambodiaWorld Heritage Site Preah Vihear Cambodia 2World Heritage Site Preah Vihear Cambodia 2Preah Vihear Temple 1st levelWorld Heritage Site Preah Vihear Cambodia 3Preah Vihear Temple 8 B/W antique plateWorld Heritage Site Preah Vihear Cambodia 4

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