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Chinese Shrines Phuket Thailand FINE ART COLLECTION and Travel
festival at night Guanau Nabonworship at nightwalking to the temple during the fairlanterns flags at the festivalgoing in Guanau NabonGuanau-Nabon at Nightnight festival red lanternGuanau Nabonweek end festival Guanau NabonTha Rua Chinese ShrineTha Rua Chinese ShrineHok Nguan Kung Shrine impressionHok Nguang Kung Chinese Shrine  ThailandHok Nguan Kung Chinese Shrineclaws and teeth of dragonstatues of gods Guanau-NabonGuanau-Nabon Chinese Shrine end viewKiew Tien Keng Shrine entrance Phuket ThailandHok Nguan Kung Shrine impressionold man on bike Chinese temple impression

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